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The alternative investment sector is currently facing a number of complex challenges. Institutional investors, management companies and fund administrators have major issues to overcome. In particular, digitalization has emerged as an essential stage in the transformation of existing business models.
Our services cover the entire digital transformation value chain so that our customers can launch and consolidate this transition process. We help our customers to improve performance and increase profitability by implementing innovative solutions to manage all their activities from Front to Back office, develop reports and rapidly adapt to changing regulatory standards.
Nabil Benhaddou
CEO of AssetValue Consulting


eFront Invest

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Our vision

The alternative investment industry is currently undergoing major changes and facing many challenges. To continue its dynamic growth, the industry must reivent its business model by leveraging on digitalization. 
The company has been structured to provide a strong response to this major development. Our company makes optimal use of our consultants’ expertise, the experience gained from previous projects, a strong positioning in the alternative investment sector, expert project management and new innovative technologies.

We have consolidated our positioning through strategic alliances with the leading provider of alternative investment solutions, eFront, part of the BlackRock group, to offer support that is perfectly tailored to the needs of each client.

AssetValue Consulting, part of the DataValue Consulting group

DataValue Consulting is a leading group in the data market. With its 250 employees and expertise in both management and technology, the Group supports over one hundred customers (public and private sector) with their data value enhancement projects.

To meet customer needs, the DataValue Consulting Group draws on leading expertise in consulting, integration and project management for Business Intelligence, EPM, Data Visualization, Big Data, Architecture, the Cloud and Security.