Conseil et intégration des solutions dédiées aux acteurs du capital investissement


Gagner en compétitivité à tous les niveaux en bénéficiant de solutions innovantes

Conseil et

AssetValue Consulting réalise des missions de cadrage ou d’analyse de vos besoins ainsi que des missions d’aide au choix d’outils.

Intégration des solutions

AssetValue Consulting est intégrateur certifié de plusieurs solutions de marché.

des données

AssetValue Consulting vous accompagne sur la migration de vos données historiques ou l’onboarding des données de vos clients sur votre solution.

Reporting et Data

AssetValue Consulting vous accompagne dans vos besoins de mise en place de Reportings réglementaires, de performance ou des Reportings ad-hoc.

We maximize the value of your assets by securing your data migration process

AssetValue Consulting facilitates the transfer of historical data directly from your legacy systems or source files (Excel, Access, .csv, etc.) with its tool-based migration services.

Our strengths:

A plug and play offer developed and tested to adapt to your data model for faster retrieval.

The process for routing data from source to destination is fully automated. This service can be expanded to include interface requirements.

Definition of specific requirements and management rules to optimize the process.

Less human intervention is required, thus reducing the risk of error.

Our methodology:

Tool-based approach using an A7 Migration Tool Kit.

We maximize Business Intelligence and Data Visualization potential

AssetValue Consulting provides its Business Intelligence expertise to meet all your data storage, retrieval and visualization needs.

Our strengths:

A comprehensive service to meet all your framing, analysis, development, roll-out and testing needs.

Expert knowledge of the various reporting tools available on the market.

A standard set of reports based on best market practice.

Post-roll-out maintenance and change request management.

Our methodology:

Services based on the best BI and Data Visualization tools available on the market (eFront BI, Power BI, MS BI and Tableau)


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