eFront Invest 
Pure Player Consulting Firm

AssetValue Consulting is an Affiliated Partner of eFront

eFront Invest is a complete and modular software solution designed for alternative investment professionals, Limited Partners, General Partners and Fund Administrators. As an affiliated partner of BlackRock, AssetValue Consulting provides its technological expertise and experience in consulting and project management to benefit its customers.

Since its inception, AssetValue Consulting has been supporting many professionals In Asset Management and Alternative Investment sector to valorize their data using the eFront Invest solution. We provide assistance across the entire project value chain, from consulting, integration, data migration , reporting up to training, change management and support.


Why opt for eFront and

AssetValue Consulting?

The solution for managing your alternative investments

eFront offers a software solution designed for alternative investment professionals to support the digitization of your financial processes.

A leader in the Private Equity market

AssetValue Consulting chose the eFront solution because it has the capacity to meet the needs of all the major players in alternative investment, including its more than 850 customers across 48 countries.

Facilitate the integration

and adoption of eFront Invest

AssetValue Consulting is an Affiliated Partner of eFront and supports its customers across the entire value chain, from strategic framing to eFront integration, to training and maintenance.

Société Générale Security Services rolls out eFront

AssetValue Consulting assisted fund administrator, SGSS (Société Générale Security Services) in implementing the eFront Invest tool, designed by software publisher eFront, and in the development of strategic reporting processes to support their customers’ decision-making and business management strategy and to meet their legal and regulatory requirements.

Our key achievements

Assistance with identification of customer needs
Participation in requirement analysis gathering and drafting of functional specifications.
Configuration and customization of the eFront Invest tool.
Implementation of a testing strategy and execution of several test cases.
Support with data migration from Excel and SGSS legacy tools to the target eFront Invest solution.
Specification and development of reports, some examples of which are given below:

- Capital Account statements
- AIFMD, FATCA & CRS reports
- Register extraction
- Portfolio statements
- Valuation reports


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